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Leadership Team Details

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Ricardo E. Martínez


Founder - Entrepreneur

Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Software Development, Quality Engineering


Professional with 25+ years of diverse international experience in Software Engineering, Quality Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Project/Product Management.


Throughout these years he worked at the Centro Anaya de Investigación as software engineer/researcher;  Pharos Technologies,Inc. as a lead Software Engineer; REMsoft as founder of a start-up where he developed custom software and managed to publish a commercial product; and then he lined-up a series of positions at large multinationals such as Microsoft, Amadeus, PayPal, Verifone as engineer, tester, architect, manager and director. All these work experiences allowed him to gain deeper knowledge on the following domains: Social, Financial, Insurance, Agriculture, Asset Management, Transportation, Travel, Tourism and Manufacture.


Ricardo has held senior leadership roles where he has lead multiple change process activities to help organizations be more effective and efficient. As a change agent he has introduced agile software development practices and has lead organizational restructuring of teams to gain business improvements, sustainability and satisfaction.

Carmen Mayoral

Director of Human Resources

Head of Human Capital

Organizational & Leadership Development,  Human Resources

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Carmen is a multilingual Leadership Development professional with extensive business experience offering end-to-end accelerated leadership development and targeted organizational development solutions in corporate and not-for-profit sectors.


Carmen is passionate about contributing to human development by helping leaders become self-aware, reflect, learn and grow from work and life experiences.  At the core of her approach is aligning human potential with business strategy to accelerate performance, engagement and motivation.


She has broad multi-cultural experience in high potential selection, executive assessment, coaching and team development with organizations in North America, Europe, Central America and South America. Sample clients include: Chiquita Brands International, Cytec Industries, Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Amazon, Unilever, Intel and Google.


In the not-for-profit sector she served as President of the executive board of SJPPNS and as consultant to the educational councils in the State of California-SCVC and CCPPNS


Carmen is certified in MBTI®, CPI 260®, Hogan (HPI, HDS, MVPI), Targeted Selection®, Behavioral Interviewing®, FranklinCovey Time Management®.  She is well-versed with TKI®, Lominger, Discovery Insights® and MPG®

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Scott Johnson

Director of Engineering

Head of Front-End Innovation

Software Development, Front-End Systems, Interface Design


Professional software developer with over 25 years of experience creating and maintaining software for systems large and small, from IBM enterprise systems to small handheld devices, including mobile smart phones.


Scott has worked with numerous technologies including REST, Java Enterprise (JEE), Adobe InDesign, Amazon Web Services and more, and has implemented solutions using a wide variety of tools and programming languages.


He has taken his skills to companies such as Pharos Technologies, Apple, and NEWSCYCLE Solutions. Over the years Scott has been successful at adapting to new methods in software development, including agile, test-driven development and SaaS.

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Samuel Santiago

Director of Engineering

Head of Back-End Innovation

Software Architecture, Data Analysis, Software Development, Back-End Systems

Sam is a software professional with 25+ years of experience developing software solutions for numerous industries spanning Education, Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Insurance, R&D, Startups and Government.


He has had a lifelong passion of computers, technology and software and has spent his career participating in software development life cycle (SDLC) with the goal of consistently delivering top quality software solutions that provide value and address core business needs.  He has had the opportunity to work on a variety of types of software solutions - desktop applications, enterprise business systems, distributed N-tier systems, embedded systems, web applications and web services. 


He has spent the last decade working at NASA as Senior Software Architect leading teams in designing and implementing numerous projects that assist with NASA’s scientific missions that explore space, astronomic phenomena and protect our planet.

Marcos Quercia

Director of Engineering

Head of Software Development

Software Architecture, Software Development, Back-End Systems

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Professional software developer with over 10+ years of experience creating and maintaining software for enterprise payment systems in large scale for the different payment processors and banks.


Marcos has made great contributions into shaping Verifone's new payment platform for the new Engage payment terminals. He has been greatly involved in the transition and adoption of the new platform so that teams in Spain, Portugal and Italy embrace, adopt and enhance the new platform. 


His Software Architect background has allowed him to not only promote the use of software engineering best practices but also provide consistent validation of the way code is being constructed. His hands-on approach allows him pay close attention to the detail to make sure code is built with the up-most quality.

Jose I. Saez

Director of Marketing & Sales

Head of Growth

Marketing, Business Development

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Jose Ignacio is a multilingual Marketing & Growth Leadership executive with over 15+ years of business experience offering accelerated digital transformation solutions and business-to-business solutions in the corporate sector.


Jose Ignacio has extensive working experience in leading technological and FMCC companies in the Americas, Europe, Central America and South America. Past employeers include: Chiquita Brands International, Intel, Google and TAPTAP.

Mark Armstrong

Company Strategic Advisor

StartUp, Business, Technology

Mark has years of experience establishing successful companies. As a technologist he knows what it takes to drive technology into areas of innovation, quality, and consistent delivery. He has held critical decision making positions at industry leading companies and has experienced the challenges a growing organization encounters in their journey to success.

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